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Roxanne Grinage Demonstrates 6 of Korn Ferry's "The Big 8 Skills Give Lift Rare Air Executives"
Roxanne Grinage, Court Reform, Corruption in Government, US Citizens Docket, CPS

  Roxanne Grinage Career Path demonstrates 6 of Korn Ferry International's
"The Big 8 Skills Give Lift To Rare Air Executives"


  Strategic Agility Dealing With Ambiguity Managing Vision and Purpose:


  As Roxanne Grinage transitions in her career path, these "Roxanne Grinage Quotes" express learning she takes with her gleaned from her 13 years owner/administrator demonstrated invention of business model: internet technology enabled standard access to Legal Assistant Marketing Careers Project Manager professional services for a previously un-accommodated population of disadvantaged claimants holding untapped or disabled economy enriching careers contributions.


  The answer to missed educational opportunities, unaccountability horror stories, racism, poverty and hate-based ideas festering into terrorism is the responsible development of business entities who standardize access and standardize services.©


  We Make A Mistake When We Try To Change The World Before We Change Ourselves.©


  There is an administrative solution for every market entry challenge.© 


  HireLyrics Administrative Services Is Born To Serve.©


  HireLyrics Administrative Solutions
Innovate Economy Education Judicial Accountability Prison and Public Integrity Reform.©


  Paralegal Professional Data Management Is A Reliable Reference and Referral Resource.©


  Restore Courage To Journalism...U.S. Citizens control The Public Docket.©


  Utilize standard access verified claims data to identify disadvantaged voter and economy careers impacting contributors. ©


  A Federal Crime Victim is an American Working Class Student Impoverished claimant created by Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Violations.©


  Utilize standard access verified claims data to bring nationwide class action personal injury disability and wrongful death lawsuits and damages complaints whose causes of action document individual accountability for Legal Malpractice of state and federal statutes; Deficiencies in Due of Process of Law; and states' Departments of Health and Human Services agencies' Employee(s) Misconduct.©



Roxanne GrinageLegal Assistant Marketing Careers Project Manager
Federal Rules of Evidence Compliant Expert Witness Report Services
HireLyrics Administrative Services

U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database
PO Box 22225, Philadelphia Pa 19136
Tel.  (267) 444-0594     Fax. (215) 405-2939

Access To Standard Legal Assistant Marketing Careers Project Manager
Professional Services for the previously unmeasured, un-accommodated
population of disadvantaged creators of U.S. economy enriching careers

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