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Parents Hope For Fair Judge Letter Notice Evidence of Philadelphia DHS Employee Perjury
Roxanne Grinage, Court Reform, Corruption in Government, US Citizens Docket, CPS
  1. 05/22/2013
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    Roxanne Grinage
    U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database at HireLyrics Administrative Services Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia families victimized by City of Philadelphia DHS social worker employee perjury and threats of false arrest and unlawful imprisonment demonstrate growing hope in recent crop of fair qualified Court of Common Pleas judges.

    All pray for the safety of parents Sharyce Armstead and Shaikan Pitts who urgently sought lawful respectful but assertive administrative solutions for circumventing insufficient court appointed lawyer and City of Philadelphia DHS employees perjury petition threats false arrest and unlawful imprisonment to transmit one day before hearing, notarized Letter Notice with Certificate of Service

Sharyce Armstead, Mother
Redacted for Privacy and Safety Street
Philadelphia Pa 19121
Tel:  (267) 307-2329

Shaikan Pitts, Father
Redacted for Privacy and Safety Street
Philadelphia 19121
Tel:  (267) 693-1606

May 22, 2013



Respectfully To:

Honorable Jonathan Q. Irvine
1801 Vine Street, Room 352
Philadelphia, PA  19103
Phone: 215  686-4169


Is Respectfully Requested To Stay Injuries and
Correct Deficiencies In Process caused by:
(1)        Insufficient Court Appointed Lawyer, Sharon K. Wallis; and
(2)        Perjury and Employee Misconduct of Petitioner Agency
            City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services ("DHS")


In the interest of:       Taqwa Myatt, a minor male child age 16
                                    Ikeem Bradley, a minor male child age 6
                                    Star Pitts, a minor female child age 4
Case No.                     CP-51-DP-0002221-2012; ID 51-F-003354-2012
Case No.                     CP-51-DP-002224-2012; ID 51-F-003354-2012

Dear Honorable Irvine:

            Undersigned respectfully requests a continuance so that we may present evidence and witnesses to this Court which prove our children are suffering injuries and our civil rights to due process of law have been consistently violated by several perjurious acts of petitioner agency's employees and the non-responsive professional misconduct of court appointed lawyer for defendant, Sharon K. Wallis.

            We respectfully pray that Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas grant relief as follows:

            (1) undersigned father be joined as an affected party whose rights to children's protective services funding have been summarily denied as a result of false statements and case reports of DHS social worker employee Lynette Davis who supervises DHS social worker Onye Brigsby;

            (2) this Court order DHS to put in place a visitation schedule which permits parents to see our chronically ill 6 year old son, Ikeem Bradley; and our separation trauma injured four year old daughter Star Pitts; and


Letter of Sharyce Armstead and Shaikan Pitts
To:  Honorable Jonathan Q. Irvine
Re:  Request Continuance Hearing Scheduled 05/22/13 @ 9:30 A.M.

            (3)  order court appointed defense counsel, Sharon K. Wallis to comply with Philadelphia Bar Association standards of professional conduct.  In addition to giving us incorrect information about the start time of this hearing (10:30 a.m. vs 9:30 a.m.), Ms. Wallis has refused to render responsive competent legal representation services on behalf of client, Sharyce Armstead. 

             In the alternative, we pray Honorable Irvine appoint a lawyer for mother and father who may be responsive to defendant and at least object to petitioner DHS' blatant mismanagement of our children's dependency such that ongoing and worsening personal injury and disability is suffered by our family.

             (4) Petitioner DHS has not only denied our family federal funded children's protective services, but have increasingly worsened their threat of false arrest and unlawful imprisonment of the mother and/or father every time we simply ask questions which pertain to the health, safety and whereabouts of our children.

            We, As Parents, Should Not Be Threatened By City Of Philadelphia DHS With Unlawful Imprisonment For Not Producing Our 16 Year Old Son Who DHS Employees' Mistakes Caused To Be Missing, His Whereabouts Unknown To Us.

          (5)  We would utilize the time a Continuance would provide to submit to His Honor (this Court), evidence and witness testimony (Latish Macklin Presbyterian Children's Village and Yvette Simpson DHS foster parent) which challenge the validity of January 23, 2013 mental health evaluation and support the urgent statements made in the best interest of our children to Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas today.

Respectfully submitted,

SHARYCE ARMSTEAD                                          SHAIKAN PITTS

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
County of Philadelphia)

On this, the 21st day of May, 2013, before me a notary public, the undersigned officer, personally appeared Sharyce Armstead and Shaikan Pitts, known to me (or satisfactorily proven) to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, and acknowledged that he executed the same for the purposes therein contained.

In witness hereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal.

__________________________ Notary Public


            I, Sharyce Armstead, certify that I caused true and correct service copies of the foregoing correspondence to Honorable Jonathan Q. Irvine, "A CONTINUANCE OF HEARING SCHEDULE MAY 22, 2013 @ 9:30 A.M. Is Respectfully Requested To Stay Injuries and Correct Deficiencies In Process," to be transmitted via email or fax to persons indicated below.

Sharon K. Wallis
640 Rodman Street
Philadelphia 19147
Tel 215.554.3913
Fax 215.551.0462

Lynette Davis
Social Work Supervisor
City of Philadelphia Department Of Human Services
Department No:  22
Location:         1515 Arch-15Fl
Telephone Number:     683-6401

Onye Briggs, Social Worker 2
City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services
Department No:  22
Location:         1515 Arch-15Fl
Telephone Number:     683-6731

Latisha Macklin (Witness)
Presbyterian Children's Village

DATE:  May 21, 2013           _________/s/_________
                                                Sharyce Armstead


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