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Open Letter President Judge Marsha Neifield Clarifies Nepotism Corruption D.A.'s Office with DHS
Roxanne Grinage, Court Reform, Corruption in Government, US Citizens Docket, CPS

Open Letter Pres Judge Marsha Neifield Documents Nepotism Corruption D.A.'s Office with DHS


Date / Time: 8/8/2010 11:00 AM

Category: Education

Call-in Number: (646) 200-4377

Updated 7/31/10. Grinage Family's private investigation fund raising efforts and pleas for communities in Philadelphia Pa and certain parts of Georgia have received information that Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown ages 4 and 2 are hidden in the backroom of a speak easy (an after hours bootleg and drug spot) and moved around stashed at various relatives of June 8th mob assault participants Saundra Sullivan and DHS Foster Mother Diane Kearney. Erick Brown his bigamist SSI Fraud girlfriend have fled to avoid criminal charges for 6/8 mob assaults with DHS foster parent Diane Kearney 3 men baseball bats and guns. Ezekiel Arriyel Brown are verified injured prior to 6/8/10 further traumatized when brought into riotous conditions where 3 men holding baseball bats announced to 50 neighbor witnesses "We got burners." Saundra Sullivan declares she can do what she wants and get away with it because she has friends and family who work for the City of Philadelphia. U.S. Marshals returned service 7/1/10 Brown/Sullivan have moved making them fugitives for which the federal fugitive task force is not fairly deployed. President Judge Marsha Neifield referred July 12th criminal assault case Willie Brownson v Erick Brown To District Attorney Seth Williams' office. Certified Letters and Witness Statements are received by D.A. and not acted on in any manner. Roxanne Grinage talked to an ADA on 07/21 who confirms absolutely nothing is being done to subpoena or issue warrant for arrest of Erick Brown or Saundra Sullivan who are also in contempt of shared legal custody in a temporary custody order. See and USDC PAeD Dockets 209cv04119-MSG; 209cv05448-BMS; 210cv00179-MSG which are a good road map for docket monitoring which measures a Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court Reform State of Emergency in Philadelphia which calls for Federal Indictments of certain Malpractice State Agency DHS Commissioner and Lawyers with certain Family Division Administrative and Senior Judges.

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