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HireLyrics Pro Se Documents RICO Legal Malpractice Nazario Family on behalf of Minnesotans
Roxanne Grinage, Court Reform, Corruption in Government, US Citizens Docket, CPS
Thank you to those Facebook Friends, email contacts, clients, collaborations, presenters of claims, who free shared their learning, expertise, life experience, good will, work ethic, synergy and best intent to demonstrate There Is A New Civil Rights Movement Underway In These United States...Families Fight Back, say NO MORE DHS Demonic Horror Stories. A New Civil Rights Movement Sees New Civil Rights Heroes Emerging From the ranks of working class student impoverished American Families. As late as the day before Roxanne Grinage was formatting and finalizing RICO Legal Malpractice Federal Lawsuit, Eliot Bernstein (Iviewit Technologies Inventor and more than 10 years RICO litigant) forwarded into my email Christina Walsh, Director of Activism and Coalitions, Institute for Justice "H.R. 1433, the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012, passed the House of Representatives last night by a voice vote!", a footnote which I utilized to strengthen "Nazario Family on behalf of Minnesotans who may be unable to sue" Commencement of Civil Lawsuit.

For almost three years now, the Facebook Group Community and authors of landmark filings, press releases and short little notes here and there "rox you can find case law here (link) or "rox check out this website or that".... Below are a few people who come to mind first but remember I have to thank 2001 Federal Crime Victims who utilized my demonstration of an invention in business method which is nothing more than fair entry into marketing careers ligation referral and other industries to cause exposure and earnings opportunities in fair competitive markets regardless of who you know or what you have.

Also I am particularly humbled emotional and eyes keep watering every time I think of how the work and sacrifice of their lives of our dearly beloved Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce laid down the foundation which enabled American Working Class Student and Impoverished Americans to build on lifting Federal Crime Victim Voters as an influential class of claimants moving toward Nationwide Supreme Court Class Action, and having strong voter constituency clout to STAND AND HOLD ENGAGE THE DEMONIC NATURE OF CHILD SLAUGHTER U.S. ECONOMY FRAUD COURT AND EDUCATION REFORM STATE OF EMERGENCY.

Thank you (as those I recognize as New Civil Rights Heroes come to mind): Felicita Luna, Lee Arango, Lorraine Grinage, Roger Silook, Shannon Silook, Angela Barff-Eib, Jessie Jennifer Roy, Rhonda Palmer, Eula Rivers Edison Toorak, Debbie Tucker Williams, Michelene Azevedo (deceased), from the early days when we first realize we had to stand and hold mobilize child rescue days: Janice Brown now Mrs. Maurice West, Feltonville Crash survivors, Third Street Angels twice victimized by Kevin Dougherty "The are my kids now" personal injuries kidnap for profit, Barbara Clayton, Deborah Young, Latoya Hall, Bryan Jones, Veronica Spencer, Jasmine Kitchen, Malika Henderson, Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown (abducted by Erick Brown Saundra O Sullivan Public Mob Assault 06/08/10); Bill Windsor Lawless America, Eliot Bernstein, Jesus Lazaro Ecenarro, Leon Koziol, Mia Child, Temple University Students, University of Pennsylvania Students and Professors, Occupy Techies, MBA students, Law School Students, artists, performers, lyricists, some law school professors, the registar of wills, election commissioners, judges and city council candidates that spoke with DHS Slaughtered No 2nd Term Nutter Voters during Pentacostal Political Awareness Committee Breakfast March 26, 2011 and the gubernatorial candidates Senator Anthony Williams and Tom Corbett who talked with City of Philadelphia DHS corruption slaughter group of six, inspired by representative candidate Tim Kearney's questions about corruption in government at Northeast Chamber of Commerce Meet The Next Governor Breakfast Series April 15 and 22nd, 2010 - ah heck, just check out my facebook wall every group that allows me to post and every facebook friend has helped. There are many that helped that are not on facebook and you know I am forever grateful. The case caption of RICO Legal Malpractice Pro Se Caption is below. Stamped filed pdf will be available soon.

The Federal Crime Victim Voter Statement: If one of us should fall...or ten of us should fall or a hundred of us should fall WE WILL HAVE A COMMUNITY NEEDS POWERED PERSONALITY INDEPENDENT MECHANISM IN PLACE WHICH WILL AUTOMATICALLY TRIGGER THE RESCUE OF CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! Strongest Prayers, Roxanne Grinage Ezekiel and Arriyel's Grandma.

Michael Nazario on behalf of Nazario Family
Federal Crime Victim Plaintiffs Pro Se
[redacted for web publish]
Minneapolis MN 55418
Tel:  (952) [redacted for web publish]            
Fax: (215) 405-2939




In Re the Matter of the Welfare of the Children of:
Joy Adams Nazario, Mother
Michael Nazario, Father
Children:  Veonna Nazario, Yasiah Nazario,

FAM ID.                      323598
HSPHD Case No.          CP00356138
SSIS No.                     267015086
Court File No.              27-JV-117365

Counter-Plaintiff Michael Nazario’s Motion to Stay Pending Judge Katherine Quaintance Recuse Herself for Legal Malpractice Conflicts of Interest and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

I, Michael Nazario, state under penalty of perjury that the welfare my children and my wife, Joy Nazario, Veonna Nazario and Yasiah Nazario is best served by Judge Katherine Quaintance recuse herself due to continuing and worsening personal injuries irreparable harms and public safety emergency posed by Judge Katherine Quaintance’s Conflict of Interest Conspiracy with DHS Karin Chedister and CPS Diane Kassler and Deborah Silverstein, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.  See Commencement of Federal Lawsuit Complaint (“RICO”) filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota today, a true and correct copy, attached hereto and incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein.

Respectfully submitted,

[Clerk of Court Stamped Filed Received Mar 2, 2012]
Michael Nazario on behalf of Nazario Family


                I certify that I caused the foregoing, Counter-Plaintiff Michael Nazario’s Motion to Stay Pending Judge Katherine Quaintance Recuse Herself for Legal Malpractice Conflicts of Interest and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, to be electronically served to all parties known to me of record on March 4, 2012.

March 4, 2012                                     ________________________________________
                                                                Roxanne Grinage, Legal Administrative Assistant to
                                                                MICHAEL NAZARIO ON BEHALF OF NAZARIO FAMILY
                                                                Federal Crime Victims Counter-Plaintiffs Pro Se.

[Michael Narzario’s Hand Delivery Stamped Filed Received by
Hennepin County Fourth Judicial District Family Division Clerk of Court March 2, 2012]

Michael Nazario on behalf of Nazario Family
Federal Crime Victim Plaintiffs Pro Se
[redacted for web publish]
Minneapolis MN 55418
Tel:  (952) [redacted for web publish] Fax: (215) 405-2939

 electronic service requested

United States District Court
District of Minnesota


                                                                Federal Crime Victim Plaintiffs Pro Se,








Case No. 0:12-cv-00554


Fourth Judicial District Family Division

in her individual capacity, having no immunity for Legal Malpractice inflicted personal injuries, irreparable harms
in re FAM ID NO. 323598 CASE NO. 27-JV-11-7365
Family Court, Family Justice Center (FJC)
110 South 4th Street, Room 600
Minneapolis, MN 55401                                    Defendant,

Assistant Hennepin County Attorney
in her individual capacity having no immunity and largest degree of criminal culpability 18 USC § 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights
18 USC § 242 - Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law,
Kidnap For Profit in re FAM ID NO. 323598
CASE NO. 27-JV-11-7365
License  No. 22473X
525 Portland Avenue  South, Suite 1200
Minneapolis MN 55415                                     Defendant


in their individual and joint capacities for falsifying case reports, slander, libel, terror threats made to Plaintiff Joy Nazario and Lying in Official Court Documents about having had meetings and conversations with Plaintiff Michael Nazario to kidnap for profit injure and disable Nazario Family persons.

Hennepin County Department of Health and Public Services
Child Protection Services
Health Services Building – 10 L960
525 Portland Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  55415                                   Defendants

In the County’s and Department’s official capacity for accountability for their sheriff deputies’ and police officers’ having inflicted several acts of Police Brutality, Trauma and Risk of Death Suffered by Michael Nazario Age 35 and his wife Joy Nazario Age 33, Daughter in Law Marie Evans 18, Grandson Terrian Smith 6 months, Son Isaiah Smith, Father in Law James Dixon Age 54, Michael Nazario Jr., Son Age 18 including pointing loaded firearms at a six month old baby and senior citizens,while acting on the Malpractice False Arrest Unlawful Imprisonment Order of Judge Katherine Quaintance. 
Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
350 South Fifth Street, Room 6
Minneapolis,  MN  55415                                  Defendant



YES   X      NO ___


U.S. District of Minnesota Clerk of Court Assigned
Date:  03/02/2012
Case: 0:12-cv-00554
Assigned:  Kyle, Richard H.
Referral Judge: 
Leung, Tony N.
Nazario  Quaintance et al


Public Safety Emergency Caused by Hennepin County Fourth Judicial District Family Division Deliberate Continuing and Worsening Legal Malpractice of Minnesota Constitution Article I Bill of Rights.

 i.   18 USC Chapter 96 - Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations
 ii.  18 USC § 1968 - Civil investigative demand
iii.  18 USC § 3771 – Federal Crime Victims’ Rights
iv.  18 USC § 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights
 v.  18 USC § 242 - Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law


Michael Nazario on behalf of Nazario Family and Minnesotans similarly situated who may be unable to sue vs. Hennepin County Fourth Judicial District Family Division Judge Katherine Quaintance and Hennepin County DHS Minnesota Bar Association Practitioner Karin Chedister and Hennepin County CPS employees Diane Kassler, Deborah Silverstein and Hennepin County Sheriff Department.

EXHIBIT A.  Excerpt Quote from Beloved Former Senator Nancy Schaefer, Deceased, From the legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia, November 16, 2007, THE CORRUPT BUSINESS OF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, by: Nancy Schaefer Senator, 50th District;

EXHIBIT B.  Hennepin County District Court Administrator Stamped filed February 1, 2012,  MICHAEL DAVID NAZARIO’S Counter Claim Plaintiff Pro Se COUNTER CLAIM AFFIDAVIT OF FACTS, CERTIFIED SERVICE NOTICE FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS CLAIM FOR DAMAGES $3,000,000.00, NAZARIO MARKED EXHIBITS INDEX PAGES 1 THROUGH 40. (Exhibit B excludes Marked Exhibits 1 through 40 pending proper title and proper redaction in compliance with Application of Pro Se Litigant to File Electronically.)

EXHIBIT C.  January 20, 2012, How 2,000 Federal Crime Victim Case Studies Innovate Champions of Patriotism 11 New Federal Laws enrich U.S. Economy Careers Education Judicial Accountability Prison and Public Safety Reform.

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