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Love Cooper Gets Word Out Big Springs Texas Parlays Inmate Tension to InmateTorture/Death
Roxanne Grinage, Court Reform, Corruption in Government, US Citizens Docket, CPS


From:  COOPER LOVE (10903046)

Sent Date: March 01, 2012

Subject: Hate to bring bad news:((

Thursday, March 01, 2012 7:48 PM

Today marks a point here at Big Springs where it is proven that there is obvious discrimination against me.

The last few days have been tense because of some fights that went on between northeast people [Tri-State] and people from Virginia on down to Georgia. Luckily I managed to avoid all conflict even though a couple of the people were people that I associated with from time to time.

Now there is still some tension in the air from these fights and I'm currently in a Range with people I don't see eye to eye with, so to make sure no drama starts I suggested to that I move back to the Range that I spent all my time on since I been here, until I went to the SHU and they moved me to the range I’m currently at.

I went to see Counselor Haley and gave him a cop-out [request to staff] indicating the reasons I wanted to move and he denied it. I mentioned how there were at least 2 white guys that were recently moved from Range to Range and he insisted he didn't do it.

I said I thought his decision was possibly racially motivated and he threatened me not to say that again. I did not say anything else and I left his office.

Today he walks past and says to look at the call-out for a bed move and sure enough I am moved from the frying pan into the fire. He or someone else decided to move me to the 3rd floor!!!

The whole floor is damn near Southern boys and they are younger and hot headed. Then I have been prescribed two different types of pain pills for my legs but I'm now expected to travel up two long flights of steps like its no big deal and keep doing it every day all day.

I also been assigned to Facilities as a job and that’s the place where I'm expected to wear the painful boots and watch daytime TV from 7:30- 3:00 Mon-Fri... I just Got back the Administrative Remedy form and I was filling out the next one today.   It’s called the BP-229 "REQUEST FOR ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDY" and though I don't expect much from this form, Reesie said the Folks at the Regional office said to fill it out anyway, just to say I do have it on record all the medical issues they have been ignoring.

I will have to check myself into the SHU [Disciplinary housing] to avoid a life threatening conflict which is sure to happen on the third floor. Haley is obviously either attempting to have me hurt from either Southerners or Stairs, Or he is completely incompetent and does not know the harm he is placing me in. [If he gave the order to move me]

So Just in case I don't contact anyone, then you know where I am.  Much Love n Blessings

03/23/12 Email Sent to Big Spring Texas Privatized Prison Contractor Employees

Subject:  Love Cooper's Family Has Evidence of Big Springs Texas Employees Retaliation Against Love Thomas Wright Cooper

Love Cooper's wife and his family and HireLyrics Administrative Services U.S. Citizens Public docket Database have evidence of Big Spring Texas Employees inflicted torture brutalization and medical neglect in retaliation for Whistleblower Love Thomas Wright Cooper proving the depravity official corruption fraud and civil rights of Montana Judge Jack D. Shanstrom and Parke County Montana public employees illicit corporate interest in tax and real estate fraud. 

I, Roxanne Grinage, need to hear from my son Love Thomas Wright Cooper immediately.  Big Spring Texas employees do not even answer the telephone when his wife Charisse Randolph telephones and inmate counselor Ms. Patton chatters non-applicable privacy laws to cover up that Love Thomas Wright Cooper already throwing up blood already having disability in walking due to being forced to wear painful boots and most recently reported being placed under an industrial fan to exacerbate the arthritis degenerative joint disease caused by Montana Yellowstone County Jail and Billing withholding compliant supportive footwear purchased and sent by Love Cooper's family, the fractured hand suffered when non-admitted to practice in Montana prosecutor Brian Whittaker orchestrated the Yellowstone county guards shirking of their positions descriptions to allow repeated attacks of one inmate on Love Cooper giving him access to his cell, Love Cooper fracturing his hand while protecting his person and his property, thrown in the hole (SHU) for thirty days denied medical treatment, never received medical treatment his hand fractured deformed and likely infected.  Also noted is U.S. Marshals housing Love cooper during transport from Billings Montana to Las Vegas for at least a week in black mold infested prison where prisoners suffer internal infections psychosis and death, and where Love Cooper was forced to sleep on the floor - ceiling walls floor covered with black mold.  Love Cooper last reported to his family that he is throwing up blood and that Prison sergeants harass him so veraciously to make sure he is not able to work on his appeal.  Love Cooper also reported a retaliation tactic used by the Big Springs Texas employees is to place black prisoners in the self segregated prisoner populations of Mexican prisoners where racial tensions are amplified due to the inhumane conditions of the prison.

Roxanne Grinage
HireLyrics Administrative Services
U.S. Citizens Public Docket Database
PO Box 22225
Philadelphia Pa 19136
Tel 267-444-0594 Fax 215-405-2939


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