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Who Is Roxanne Grinage & Why She Started Petition PA Attorney General Investigate Phila Family Court
Roxanne Grinage, Court Reform, Corruption in Government, US Citizens Docket, CPS
WHO IS ROXANNE GRINAGE and why did she start the petition, Pennsylvania Attorney General and Candidates Given Legal Assistant's Intake Data Shown Public Safety Emergency Need For Grand Jury Investigation of Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Family Court?

06/28/12 Roxanne Grinage's answers to Petition Survey Questions.

1. Why did you start your petition? Have you been personally affected by the problem described in your petition?

2. Will you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Please include relevant information such as your occupation, organizational affilations, and/or relationship to the person(s) mentioned in the

3. What is your campaign timeline? Is there a big vote coming up or an important date in your campaign?

I started the Petition, Pennsylvania Attorney General and Candidates Given Legal Assistant's Claims Intake Data Shown Public Safety Emergency Need For Grand Jury Investigation of Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Family Court, so that signatures and comments gathered from all U.S. States will be included with verified claims intake data Roxanne Grinage submits as due diligence to show lawmakers, special prosecutors, and funding decision makers the public safety emergency caused by systematic violations of U.S. and States' statutes occurring in our nation's "Family Courts" which invariably precede personal injuries disability wrongful death, wrongful convictions, fraud billing, unlawful imprisonment, irreparable harms to Public Interest and U.S. Economy.

Yes I have been personally affected by the problem.

See posted at

June 2, 2012 Press Release Notice to Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Attorney General Honorable Linda L. Kelly and Pennsylvania Attorney General Candidates Kathleen Kane (D) "A Prosecutor Not a Politician" and David Freed (R) "A Prosecutor to Protect Pennsylvania":

A Public Safety and Crime Victim Voter Constituency Concern: When Perjury Causes Malpractice of State Statutes.

Pennsylvania citizens need an avenue, independent of agency referral, wherein layperson crime victims can submit evidence showing a need for prosecution of federal fraud and municipal assault fugitives who function openly as criminal child abusers in State Court Family Division matters.

These are the kinds of evidentiary probable cause matters Pennsylvania citizen layperson crime victims have a need to reach our prosecutors with because the Family Division Courts and Municipal Courts function in legal malpractice due to perjury of criminals whose deeds fall outside of civil litigation venues.

All a person needs is to "make a deal" with someone having access to City of Philadelphia courts, City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services or Philadelphia District Attorney office employees and felony violation of U.S. Civil Statutes (federal laws) immediately and systematically result in State Court malpractice which denies protection from domestic violence abuse and causes innocent children disabled and elderly to fall the through cracks of Pennsylvania statutes governing Pennsylvania Child Abuse Laws "what constitutes child abuse and "reporting requirements" (Pennsylvania Child Abuse Laws Code Section 23 § 6303; "What Constitutes Abuse" and "Mandatory Reporting Required"; Code Section 049 Chapter 16 §16.107 (a) Noncompliance Disciplinary Action (b) Noncompliance Criminal Penalties; §16.106 Confidentiality Waived; §16.101. Definitions.

It is NOT up to local law enforcement employees to selectively enforce The Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act, OR to decide the merits of any specific case or situation where the PKPA is applicable.

Local law enforcement is bound by law to enforce the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act Title 28 USC Sec. 1738A ("PKPA"). It is NOT up to local law enforcement employees who may be friends with Federal Fraud and Public Mob Assault Child Abduction Fugitives Saundra O. Sullivan, Erick L. Brown, Diane and Lenwood Kearney or the convicted rapist Sheldon Holloway Age 37 with whom Lorraine Grinage's 06/08/10 mob assault abducted during temporary and still pending custody proceedings in Phila Fam. Div. Case ID 0C0705124 were housed.

U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger's office said evidence of Parent abducted children housed with convicted rapist and mob assault participants was not acted upon by law enforcement to rescue crime victim minors because the evidence did not come from a referring agency.

U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger's paralegal explained on December 11, 2011, that Roxanne Grinage's November 09, 2010 hand delivered evidence — children of Lorraine Grinage were in fact mob assault abducted on 06/08/10 during temporary and still pending custody proceedings in Phila CCP Fam Div. Case ID 0C0705124 were being housed with convicted rapist Sheldon Holloway Age 37 and mob assault participants Erick L. Brown Saundra O. Sullivan, Diane and Lenwood Kearney, Andrew Grace Darren Marquitta Laquitta Sullivan/Tate/Autry, mob assault with baseball guns and bats abduction grandchildren of Lorraine Grinage, Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown seen on Google Satellite Street view sitting at homes property records verify are owned by criminal child abusers, mob assault and fraud fugitives.

Public Safety is diminished in Philadelphia neighborhoods because certain relatives and friends of City of Philadelphia employees boast they can get away with felony crimes, escape prosecution or apprehension for perjury, false report of stolen vehicle, identity theft, falsification of identification documents and even public mob assault child abductions during temporary custody proceedings even when referred by First Judicial District Court of Common Pleas President Judge Marsha Neifield on July 12, 2010 to Philadelphia District Attorney to apprehend, Willie Brownson v Erick Brown CR-10-06-11-9549.

Another public safety impact is how the criminal child abusers functioning freely in Family Court trade off addresses, identities and Tax I.D. numbers for abuse by City of Philadelphia employees.

Our Grinage Family private investigation rescue 06/08/10 abusive parent mob assault abducted Ezekiel and Arriyel Brown has discovered the credit report for abusive parent kidnapped Ezekiel Z. Brown Age 5 uses the same address which City of Philadelphia DHS legal department had stolen HireLyrics Administrative Services physical location Dun & Bradstreet secured financial services number for D-U-N-S discovered when Roxanne Grinage began applying for Department of Justice grants (2312 N. 31st Street, Philadelphia Pa 19132). Abducted five year old Ezekiel Z. Brown living with child abuse mob assault and federal fraud fugitives Erick Brown and Saundra Sullivan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a credit report debt for medical services rendered in Tifton, Georgia to an adult.

Full June 2, 2012 Press Release Notice to Pennsylvania Law Enforcement and Courts with links to marked exhibit evidence can be viewed and downloaded at

WHO IS ROXANNE GRINAGE? I am a community conscience baby boomer who constantly applies ingenuity and passion to make this world a better place. I possess more than 20 years experience as both an employee and self employed consultant legal administrative assistant, human resources assistant, executive assistant loyally adept in providing administrative, document production, marketing, careers and due diligence reporting support to large mid-size sole practitioner law firms, staffing firms, investment banking mergers and acquisitions and, what I am most proud of… administrative solutions for market entry challenges of American working class student and impoverished families victimized by official corruption fraud civil rights violations.

June 2000, I started an internet functioning administrative services company, HireLyrics Administrative Services which Wharton Small Business Administration nominated in 2001 for Philadelphia 100 recognition as an invention in business method.

My administrative assistant support skills and exemplary work ethic were honed working for attorneys, analysts and executives at firms like Wolf Block, Dechert, Blank Rome, Buchanan Ingersoll, Legg Mason Wood Walker, Citicorp U.S. Cards Products, Nynex Governances and Securities, Coopers & Lybrand Tax Department and CDI Staffing giants CDI Engineering and CDI Information Technology Divisions.

I was fortunate because I received a lot of guidance from a few attorneys I was working for as a second shift secretary floater at Blank Rome, Wharton MBA students and even a Wharton board member, founder of Encore Books Zainy Brainy Stores and co-founder eBay and with regard to understanding Overview and Rationale, depicting and demonstrating envisioned evolving practice models for what in my mind was an obvious working scale model prototype demonstration that standard access to standard services which utilized free and low cost internet networking capabilities would unlock economy enriching revenue in an a previously untapped population of litigants ─ if the disadvantaged claimant could access research, legal secretarial, document production, marketing and careers services regardless of who they knew or what the claimant had.

2003 – 2007 Roxanne Grinage, as manager of Pennsylvania Secretary of State and U.S. Department of Treasury registered sole proprietorship earned Women's Minority Business Enterprise expert certifications in nine areas of administrative practice: Legal services including evidence gathering, depositions and expert witness testimony; employment generating activities; employee development; careers consulting; employee assistance programs; tax preparation and advisory services; and image consulting.

WHAT I DID. August 2009 to Present. I knew about and chose to embrace problem solving challenges faced by American working class student and impoverished families and entrepreneurs as a liquid demographic whose economic impacts have measureable characteristics flowing throughout every profession, race, gender, religion, region, age, lifestyle; and whose untapped claims for damages, personal injury, wrongful death, forced commerce, theft and irreparable harms are felt generationally as a nationwide Child Slaughter, U.S. Economy Fraud, Court and Education Reform Public Safety Emergency.

Even before my own official corruption fraud civil rights victimization recorded in Roxanne Grinage v Fern Brown Caplan, Esquire, et al, U.S.D.C. 209-cv-04119-MSG, I constantly learned and applied technology and protocols necessary to guard integrity of document production as evidence gathering depositions and expert witness testimony for what HireLyrics’ earliest invention of business method practice model schematics referred to as “raised quality of life by providing fair and holistic entry to exposure and earnings opportunities for the previously unseen unmeasured un-accommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators© of original work products.”

I am proud that when faced with being blackballed for employment by some of the corrupt lawyers and judges whose RICO and Title 18 indictable crimes my administrative solutions tools exposed for deliberate malpractice ─ I chose to parlay a potentially life destroying challenge into an opportunity to demonstrate free and low cost standard access to legal administrative assistant services for a financially devastated population of internet presenting official corruption fraud civil rights claimants.

I am proud of my document production work; forms designed to accommodate standard access to claims intake assessment regardless of who the presenting claimant knows or what the presenting claimant has. I customize existing templates and create new forms templates to identify characteristics of similarly situated classes of claimants; perform docket analysis for measuring individual accountability for official corruption fraud civil rights, Title 18 and RICO culpability, and for gauging specialized voter constituency endorsement and impeachment clout.

I have produced pro se parties-filed documents, marked exhibits and exhibits summation of complaints, summons, subpoenas, notice of appeal, answers, new matters, counterclaims, motions, motions court correct administrative errors, grandparent motions to intervene, objections, affidavits, declarations and disclosures, filed by pro se parties in Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Family Division, Pennsylvania Superior Court, U.S.D.C. Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Michigan Washtenaw County Juvenile Trial Court, Cowlitz County Superior Court Washington, Alaska Superior Court at Palmer CINA; U.S. District Court for The District of Minnesota (nature of suit: personal injuries caused by legal malpractice with five RICO causes of action; and many other examples of my work can be seen and downloaded free at

Another administrative solution tool I am proud of is working to measure work ethic synergy and intent; identify and measure individual accountability, conflict of interest, negligence or malpractice, registered with Pennsylvania Secretary of State, is U.S. Citizens (controlled) Public Docket Database whose prototype demonstration of certified service distribution (Letter Notice) reporting of Fraud Reports Whistleblower Transmittals Intervention and Audit Requests, case studies are viewable at

I am most proud of my demonstrated administrative solutions case studies series, “Docket Never Lies!...Child Slaughter U.S. Economy Fraud Court and Education Reform Public Safety Emergency Is Measured in Docket Analysis”, began when I utilized the database features of rows columns and tables learned when I was employed as a document production specialist by firms like Wolf Block, Dechert, Blank Rome, Buchanan Ingersoll, Legg Mason Wood Walker, Citicorp U.S. Cards Products, Nynex Governances and Securities, Coopers & Lybrand Tax Department and CDI Staffing giants CDI Engineering and CDI Information Technology Divisions.

I am going to print the signed petition and append signatures and comments to client intake data of more than 200 Pennsylvania Families whose claims intake assessments performed by Roxanne Grinage, Legal Assistant Project manager verify suffer Legal Malpractice caused personal injuries in Pennsylvania Courts in approximately two weeks. However we would like to reach Attorney General Candidates in time for our elections in her Pennsylvania November 2012.
Pennsylvania Attorney General and Candidates Given Legal Assistant's Claims Intake Data Shown Public
I just signed a petition to Kathleen Kane, Democratic Candidate for Pa Atty General, David Freed, Republican

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