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Roxanne Grinage Utilizes State Court CPS Document Production To Build Federal Class Actions
Roxanne Grinage, Court Reform, Corruption in Government, US Citizens Docket, CPS

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Roxanne Grinage Legal Assistant Project Manager

Administrative Solutions Innovate Reform
U.S. Economy, Education, Judicial Accountability, Prison & Public Safety Reform

Roxanne Grinage’s Standard Access Mechanism Business Model Achieved Claims Intake Assessment of 2,060 Federal Crime Victims created by Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Violations.  Champions of Patriotism were revealed whose litigation and law enforcement referral data respectfully suggest 11 Proposed Federal Laws to Enrich Innovation of U.S. Economy, Education, Judicial Accountability, Prison and Public Safety Reform.

HireLyrics is standard access to legal assistant claims intake litigation and law enforcement referral for the previously un-accommodated federal crime victim witness created by official corruption fraud civil rights violations.

"The answer to missed educational opportunities, unaccountability horror stories, poverty, racism and hate-based ideas festering into terrorism is the responsible developments of entities that standardize access and standardize services."  -respectfully, roxanne grinage HireLyrics Schematics 2002.

HireLyrics Administrative Solutions Tools and Teaching Segments Developed and Demonstrated

By Roxanne Grinage, Legal Assistant Marketing Careers Project Manager

Quality of Life Benefit

Vision, Strategy, Planning and Implementation

Create Fair Holistic Global Market Place Competition to Reveal Superior Quality Consumer Products for Industry Buyers

"There Is An Administrative Solution for Every Market Entry Challenge...©
HireLyrics™ is Born to Serve!"©

U.S. economy enriching career contributions are blocked by legal or agency policy malpractice.  A business or professional service should serve in community trenches in order to measure by standard access and community powered synergy, market entry challenges; count growing jurisdictional and similarly situated claims, and document specialized interest groups, characteristics, deficiencies and attributes of the American working class student impoverished federal crime victim created by official corruption fraud civil rights violations.


Enable Fair Holistic Market Place Entry for previously un-accommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators.©

"Survive and Hold On Is a Business Rationale...©  It's Not Welfare or Charity If A Professional Service Advances Costs Necessary to Unlock Economy Enriching Contribution."©

The sound business model utilized by contingency agreements which glean percentage share of revenues earned as a result of the professional service's competitively rendered administrative support in addition to recouping costs, should be applied to an internet community presenting population of Americans  spanning every profession, race, religion, gender, age... whose day to day struggle to provide basic needs precludes the American entrepreneur or head of household holder of untapped claims and economy enriching career contributions from seeking fair entry into industry buyer markets, litigation or law enforcement.

Administrative Solutions Series Born Developed & Demonstrated



Proprietary Research, Verifications, Trial Prep, Document and Exhibit Production Performed by Roxanne Grinage, Legal Assistant, Marketing, Careers, Project Manager for Pro Se Litigant Federal Crime Witness Claimants created by Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Violations.




Grandparents' Motions to Intervene in Custody Disputes are almost always denied because A family member coming forward to claim their loved one in need of care is counterproductive to the maximized DHHS contractor interests of the employees whose job security depends on Federal Funding coming to their DHHS OCS DHS CYS OCS ACS agency. Roxanne Grinage anticipates exhausting every lawful remedy for claims verified created by official corruption fraud and civil rights violations. Even though State Court practitioners work hand in hand with the attorney general offices who represent the fraud petitions for emergency custody or involuntary termination of parental rights usually work to facilitate the State Revenue Generating Billing Interests of the CPS DHHS OCS agency, THE FEDERAL CRIME WITNESS CLAIMANT CAN USE STATE COURT DOMESTIC RELATIONS DIVISIONS OR PROBATE DIVISION LAWFUL FILING OPPORTUNITIES TO DOCUMENT THEFT CLAIMS OF ASCENDANT AND DESCENDANT ESTATE HOLDERS for use in future federal class actions about Theft and Fraud or Personal Injury and for recording into Federal and other Public Records the truth about the Kidnapped for Profit Injured Person: Child Disabled or Aging. SEP 27 2011 Alaska Trial Courts Palmer Inuit Native Alaskan Roger Silook Executor of his own Estate Patriarch Grandparent Emergency Motion Intervene Modify Custody Motion Compel Discovery Counterclaim.pdf


Example of Utilizing State Court Trial Brief Filing Opportunities as a Litigation Plan Strategy Which Anticipates Proving Malpractice of State and U.S. Statutes in Federal Courts with Objective to Reverse Nullify and Rescind State Court Malpractice Child Abuse Orders. JULY 18 2012 BEST INTEREST OF CHILD AFFIDAVIT AND MEMORANDUM In The Superior Court For The State of Alaska Third Judicial District at Anchorage: Identifies State of Alaska Agency OCS Employees who committed Perjury Falsification of Case Reports Conspiracy To Kidnap for Profit and Violations of Alaska State Legislature House Majority Leader Representative John Coghill Sponsored Signed Into Law by Governor Frank Murkowski on June 30, 2005, House Bill 53 (HB 53): Children In Need of Aid/Adoption/Guardian Signed Into Law Chapter 64 SLA 05. The Trial Brief prepared by Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Administrative Services for the pro se litigant created by official corruption fraud and civil rights violations is rendered onto the official form of the Court found at the court's official website. The Trial Brief Itemizes Mother's Plan in her children's best interest which is forced to protect three children of Alaska Inuit Native Estate Silook from further separation trauma, medical error, lost education about culture and heritage, beatings and sexual abuse injuries imposed by specified OCS workers' deliberate malpractice to further the billing interests of State of Alaska OCS contractors and State Licensed Behavioral Health practitioners. This particular Trial Brief recounts the OCS employees first child endangerment decision to place Shannon Silook's son with his mentally unstable father and the father's mentally unstable family. The Trial Brief is written after the Father's self destructive and domestic violence conducts resulted in his suicide and OCS Employees held a Planning Meeting which did nothing more than prolong child endangerment risk for Shannon Silook's son by indulging OCS employee unproven defamation and false allegations against maternal grandfather to keep the trauma injured child who discovered his father's body with the same people who in the same environments where chronic mental illness was suffered by the deceased father and his family. Exhibits include digital date stamped photos which refute OCS employees false statements that mother had not seen in her son in over a year; HB 53 signed into law by Governor Murkowski the OCS employees were in violation of;, Police Forensics interviews of the Shannon Silook's daughter and son suppressed by OCS employee misconduct, The mother litigant's Description of OCS Investigation itemizing deficiencies and falsification of data including telephone records; OCS TDM MEETING TRESPASS TRIBAL JURISDICTIONS IN ANCHORAGE PALMER AND GAMBELL, ALASKA, the Deceased Father's Obituary as published in Anchorage Daily News; Out of Home Case Plan of OCS Worker Natasha Goff; APPENDIX A Identified the Alaska Department of Social Services Employee Database Information for each OCS Employee who evidence showed are criminally responsible for having caused personal injury and disability to children of Silook Estate: Sharon Chambers, Raymond Edwards, Samuel Aregood, Reynaga-Pena, Ruben and Natasha Goff; APPENDIX B itemizes Alaska State Statutes violated by OCS employee misconduct for which said employees are without immunity: Alaska Statutes Section 11.56.220 Proof of Guilt; AS 09.50.010. Acts or Omissions Constituting Contempt; AS 09.50.040. Indemnification of Party Aggrieved; AS 09.50.175. Admissibility of Evidence to Prove Nuisance. ROXANNE GRINAGE DOCUMENT PRODUCTION INCLUDES EXHIBITS WHICH SHOW EXISTING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR MEASURING OCS EMPLOYEE MISCONDUCT: GUIDELINES FOR THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESPONSE TO CHILD ABUSE IN ALASKA, A Project of the Alaska Children's Justice Act Task Force; Social Services Follow Up Roles and Responsibilities; Role of Guardian Ad Litem; Cultural Considerations Regarding Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment; Records Handling and Storage; EXHIBITS Include ALASKA FORENSIC CHILD INTERVIEW ROUNDTABLE, Report and Recommendations To the Alaska Children's Justice Act Task Force, Discussions held on April 21-22, 2009.pdf


This is a demonstration of how Roxanne Grinage utilizes Filing Notice of Damages Claims resulting from State Court's uncorrected malpractice of State and U.S. Statutes in both Domestic Relations, Domestic Violence, Custody, Criminal and Criminal Child Abuse Matters To Reserve the Patriarch and Matriarch Living or Deceased Estate Claims. The federal crime victim litigant created by official corruption fraud and civil rights violations files into State Court as a litigation plan strategy to build evidence for successful federal court complaints, class actions which a law firm may take on contingently when claims data indicates a public interest impact. Claims Data extrapolating Judicial neglect may be reported as due diligence to U.S. Senate on the Judiciary Committee as a reference source in confirmation hearings; Notices to Federal Law Enforcement and U.S. Government Auditors, Internal Revenue Services and Social Security Administrative in re Identity Theft and Theft of Person, Dependent or Payee fraud may be reported to block or thwart certain predator beneficiaries of forced or malpractice foster and adoption placements. Standard Access Claims Intake Assessment verified data may be reported to Federal Agencies Department of Justice Office of Crime Victim Assistance and Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding Fraud of Adoption Tax Credit fueled by Freddie Mac Sponsored First Time Home Buyers' Loans marketed by NBC Sponsored Wednesday's Child Adoption Program etc. The attorney or non attorney represented litigant created by official corruption fraud or civil rights violations is learning that Americans can sue on behalf of our Estates Living and Deceased for the irreparable harms caused to Household Finances, Destroyed Entrepreneurial Interests, Self Employment, Public Defamation, Theft of Person, Trauma Injury, Parent Alienation and loss of heritage - knowledge of personal history, physical and emotional personal injury, Disability and Wrongful Death. American working class student and impoverished people don't have to wait to go through an equally malpracticed State Appeals Process. Americans crime victim claimants can go into Federal Court with Claims on Behalf of the Estate of Patriarchs, Matriarchs, mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, incarcerated people whose family was taken, kept, abused, injured by kidnap for profit schemes. The value of stolen U.S. Economy enriching Career Contributions which never found their way to market place entry because the American contributor was injured disabled or killed by a systematic action of Kidnap for Profit Injury can be projected based on case history and family history gathered in the claims intake assessment process of a standard access mechanism: In this Case, 5 generations of Berean Sea Hunters, Yupik, Inuit Native Alaskan Bone Carvers and Artisans with works in Smithsonian Institute the Silook Estate Noticed Damages Claim against Alaska Superior Court at Anchorage and Palmer for Malpractice damages: $9M in JULY 18 2012 Alaska Trial Courts Probate Division In The Superior Court For The State of Alaska Third Judicial District at Anchorage In The Matter of Concurrent Children In Need of Aid (CINA): Son of Shannon Silook and Criminal Cases State of Alaska vs. Michael Ponte and State of Alaska vs. Shannon Silook: Roxanne Grinage research verified prepared Document Production: "Pro Se Respondent Shannon Silook's Objections and Notice of Claim For Damages In The Amount of $9M Pursuant to Alaska Statte 09.50.040 Indemnification of Party Aggrieved, for Personal Injuries Caused by State of Alaska Health and Human Services OCS Agency Employees and Their Contractor Providers' Violations of Alaska Statutes Article 2 Perjury and Related Offenses Section 11.56.210 Unsworn Falsification in the Second Degree (A Class A Misdemeanor); Section 11.56.230 Perjury By Inconsistent Statements (A Class C Felony); and Alaska Statues Section 09.50.010 (6) Acts or Omissions Constituting Contempt Sub Paragraph (6) Falsely Pretending to Act Under Authority To An order Or Process of The Court.pdf


JUN 27 2011 ALASKA TRIAL COURTS Notarized Affidavit of Shannon Silook Attached Exhibit G1-G5, H, I and J. This is a Marked Exhibit Document researched verified and produced by Roxanne Grinage for use by a pro se litigant created by Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Violations. The Exhibit Evidence records in the State Court the proof of Alaska State Licensed OCS contractor psychological evaluator medical malpractice in conjunction with a leading national forensics expert intelligence officer James Roger Brown The Sociology Center in Kentucky's work to organize class action revocation of a commonly abused to deny due process of law fraudulent mental health exam, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test 2 (MMPI-2). Roxanne Grinage's research into the similarly situated kidnap for profit claims of Alaskans noted prior involvement by unity of purpose law firms like Jones & Day who acted to help Alaskans in prior class action, recent Alaskan Supreme Court decisions upholding sovereignty jurisdiction of Native Alaskans; and 2005 signed into law The 24th Alaska State Legislature Representative John Coghill's Child in Need of Aid Legislation (HB 53) whose provisions included opening CINA proceedings to the public, creation of a statutory grievance process and state review panel, increased use of Child Advocacy Centers, and MANDATORY VIDEOTAPING OF INTERVIEWS INVOLVING SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMS. Even though State of Alaska Ombudsman announced "Sweeping Reforms in OCS Grievance Process" almost a year later in April 2012, Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Administrative Services standard access mechanism had registered claims intake data presenting side by side within a political and social reform climate from Alaskan Americans which documented not only a disproportionate almost genocidal rate of kidnap for profit personal injury disability and wrongful death - but also presented a community, political and social climate whose momentum for reform was also moving at a progressive rate. Roxanne Grinage prepared for filing into Alaska Superior Court the Notarized Affidavit attaching Exhibit Evidence of State Licensed Practitioner Malpractice and Prior Written Grievances to Prove OCS Employee Malpractice not because the Alaska State Court would respond...but rather to build upon, include and leverage in claims intake assessment foreseen growing class action(s) PEOPLE OF ALASKA vs. STATE OF ALASKA DHHS OCS OPA and DOC as Roxanne Grinage was organizing the claims data for same.pdf


Court Stamped Filed Received Document Research, Verified, Produced by Roxanne Grinage for use by a Pro Se Litigant created by Official Corruption Fraud Civil Rights Violations: JUN 23 2011 Alaska Trial Court Palmer Native Inuit Silook Family Answers and Motion To Stay Pending Honorable Court's Scheduling Order Discovery. Answers in Compliance with Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure 12(A)(B) and Motion To Stay Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings Pending Scheduling Order Which Requires State of Alaska Petitioner Agencies DHSS OCS Employees to Prove Allegations Against Shannon Silook And To Comply With Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure 26 Depositions Which Will Not Apply If DHSS OCS Agency Employees' Illegal Adoptions via Denial of Grandparent Standing, False Statements, Falsification of Records and Professional Malpractice is Allowed By This Court - FOOTNOTES: Alaska Court System Rules Part V Rule 26 Discovery required disclosure methods to discover additional matter; Rule 12 Defenses and Objections How Presented Pleadings and Motions; (2) lack of jurisdiction; (5) insufficiency of service of process; (6) failure to join a party under Rule 19 Joinder of Persons needed for Adjudication; Alaska Rule 9 Pleading Special Matters; National Organization of Victims Assistance (NOVA) Crime Victim and Witness Rights; EXHIBITS submitted in compliance with Alaska Rule 10: Form of Pleadings Adoption by Reference.pdf Edit Link


Researched verified document produced by Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Administrative Services: APR 29 2011 State of Alaska Trial Courts at Palmer and Anchorage Mother Defendant in Criminal and Children In Need of Aid Case. Shannon Silook's Hand Delivered Final Cease and Desist Order To State of Alaska Federally Funded Agency Employed Office of Professional Advocacy (OPA) Conflict of Interest Lawyer whose legal malpractice conducts obstructed justice for Native Alaska Inuit Silook Estate. Encloses Alaska Bar Association Acknowledgement of Complaint and Itemizes Grandfather and Mother Defendants Answers Counterclaims and Motion To Compel Discovery in Opposition to State of Alaska OCS Employee Perjury Petition Involuntary Termination Parental Rights. Also documents conflict of interest nepotism relationship between Alaska Superior Court CINA Judge at Palmer and a family friend relationship of former Alaska Governor with child abuser of Shannon Silook's children. Itemizes OCS employee misconduct, falsified case reports, medical error injury of Silook children, child abuse injury "foster placements" of Silook children in accommodation of a kidnap for profit scheme to ensure job security by maximizing billing of State of Alaska Federally Funded Agencies DHHS, OCS, OPA and DOC.





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