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hirelyrics's Journal

9 April
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There is a liquid demographic of Americans who strategically trouble shoot and minimize projected loss.

The strategically thinking, extremely intelligent, passionate about taking care of their family American forsakes any desire to win the approval of any traditionally mechanized industry and shifts to take on characteristics on paper of whatever expectation they have to in order to save their family.

Respectfully suggested administrative solutions for U.S. Economic Recovery. Reported via Managed Service with expectation of qualified responses, hope and humility to President Barack Obama, his Presidential Staff and President’s Executive Officers in the form of print and with 13 Videos including Schedule A and This 45 Page Word Document on DVD transmitted to 15 Managed Service List Addresses published by WhiteHouse.gov Briefing Room as being either President Obama’s Executive Staff or Officer Appointments, White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20500 April 5, 2009.

We have no choice but to pray this administration will be responsible and read this. We have no doubt, that if The President’s Executive Staff and Officers read this, their senses of moral and professional responsibility will compel qualified responses that guarantee the permanently successful implementation of U.S. Economic Recovery Plans and Budgets.
In The Trenches
I believe this is an amazing time to be alive on this planet and an even more amazing time to be an American. President Obama already pointed out that we can use the Economic Crisis as an opportunity to suggest collaborate and network solutions for long term U.S. Economic Recovery.

I believe that all learning has value and particularly now more than ever. We are evolving as a human species and what all of us do and do not do will have lasting impacts on human quality of life. The internet technologies and free speech are beautiful gifts for learning, networking and elevating quality of life. However, like any other tool, the internet technologies are wielded by the will of the human and can be used for harming others.

The billions of dollars in revenue earnings worldwide economies and industries are trying to capture and recapture are locked in an un-accommodated creator population. This population does not show up in any census, demographic, welfare, charity, incarceration, school enrollment, school drop-out, or affirmative action perspective.

Achieving and keeping abundant revenues now hinge on these practice models that are designed to address the basic human needs of the product source. Identified is the previously unseen, unmeasured and un-accommodated Worldwide Population of Disadvantaged Creators.” -HireLyrics Schematics 2003, “Survive and Hold On Is A Business Rationale!”©

The answer to missed educational opportunities; oppressive contracts and unaccountability horror stories; racism; poverty; and hate-based ideas festering into terrorism, is the responsible development of entities that standardize access, standardize procedures, and standardize services.

I am confident that exposure of administrative horror stories across all industries and systems; sharing and networking our suggestions and solutions will shine a healing light on U.S. Economic Recovery and we will be successful in achieving long term economic prosperity. -Respectfully, roxanne grinage”
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